5 Best Fishing Watches

The best fishing watches do more than tell the time and the date. A good fishing watch accurately predicts and relays information that can help a fisherman be successful during each fishing trip.

Scientific information like moon phases and the tide has been proven to coincide with fish populations. For the reason fishes are very active 4 intervals a day (dawn, dusk, moon rise and moon set), understanding the moon phase and sun phase is very vital for efficient fishing.

Additionally, having the knowledge about the tidal waves facilitate fishermen with the ideal time to fish. It is generally accepted that fishing within an hour before and after high and low tides are the best time to fish. A fishing watch with these capabilities increases the chances that a fisherman will pull in an impressive catch rather than sitting on a boat waiting. Let’s peek through our list first:

Best Fishing Watches 2017
1. Best Casio "ProTrek Pathfinder" fishing watch
2. Best tide "Rip Curl Men's A1015" fishing watch
3. Best "Casio Men's Pathfinder Resin" saltwater fishing watch
4. Affordable "Casio Men's AQW101-1AVCF" fishing watch
5. Best "Casio Men’s PRW2500T-7CR" waterproof fishing watch

A good fishing watch must also be water resistant even if there are no plans to get into the water. Fishing means water will splash, or hands will need to be submerged to retrieve a fish on the end of a line. Without a water resistant design, the slightest exposure to water or rain can ruin a watch.

However, rain should not be a concern for a fisherman using quality fishing watch. Many are now equipped with barometers to warn of pressure drops that can mean bad weather is on its way. Alarms can be programmed to sound when fishing is good and the weather is right.

Our article about the 5 best fishing watches can definitely assist a fisherman with deciding when, where, and how long to fish.

1. Best Casio “ProTrek Pathfinder” fishing watch

Best fishing watch under $200-2017

Best fishing watch under $200- 2017

The Casio Pathfinder PRW2500R-1CR is one of the best fishing watches due to its lightweight feel, solar powered function, and numerous gauges and alerts. The Pathfinder has an altimeter and a barometer that can help fishermen predict upcoming weather events and location, so they are never surprised by a sudden influx of bad weather.

The watch is also equipped with a thermometer, a compass, and is calibrated to follow moon phases and predict tide conditions.

It is pre-programmed for 2039. The face of the Pathfinder is larger than most fishing watches, making it easier to read important details. As for comfort, the band is flexible and does not hinder wrist movement.


2. Best tide “Rip Curl Men’s A1015”  fishing watch

 Affordable fishing watch under $150-2017

Best tide fishing watch- 2017

Although the company has targeted this watch for surfing, but it has all the necessary features that an ideal fishing watch should have. This Pipeline World Tide watch has over 200 beach destinations pre-programmed to make looking up sunrise and sunsets, and tide information more convenient. If the location desired is not already programmed in the watch it can be added.

The watch is large and durable with a silicone band that allows for rotation of the wrist. The size of the watch face makes reading the digital information display easy. The stopwatch feature can be used while the watch displays the time, so there is no going back and forth to keep track of the clock.


3. Best “Casio Men’s Pathfinder Resin” saltwater fishing watch

Good fishing watch under $250-2017

The Casio Men’s PAW1500-1V Pathfinder is an American-made fishing watch that gives accurate tide information based on the phases of the moon. The comfortable and durable canvas band is designed to withstand the activity of a fisherman. It is water resistant, so there is no worry if the watch gets wet. In fact, the watch can be worn while swimming.

The Pathfinder has a unique vibrating alarm that will alert the wearer. This is especially useful when a fishing moat motor is running, or quiet is needed while fishing. The watch has five alarm settings that can be programmed to alert the wearer hourly, daily, or weekly of the best fishing times.


4. Affordable “Casio Men’s AQW101-1AVCF” fishing watch

Cheap and best fishing watch under $50-2017

Among the best fishing watches, Casio’s AQW101-1AVCF provides a durable, water-resistant, programmable fishing watch that can be used for many types of sportsmen. The watch has both analog and digital displays, along with a backlight function and glow in the dark characters to accurately read the watch in any lighting conditions.

The moon phases and tide predictions are on the mark and the watch’s water resistance is better quality than many of its counterparts. The watch can be worn for swimming, snorkeling, or general fishing where the watch may be splashed or handled roughly. In addition to its functionality, this Casio is also an attractive timepiece that’s looks as good as it works.


5. Best “Casio Men’s PRW2500T-7CR” waterproof fishing watch

 Best fishing watch under 300 dollars-2017

The Casio Men’s PRW2500T-7CR Pathfinder watch is specifically designed to endure the harsh realities of outdoor use. The watch is equipped with sunrise and sunset alerts, moon phase and tide predictions, and can be programmed with up to 5 alarm settings.

The watch band has a Velcro to fasten it for convenience and confidence in the sturdiness of the band. The alarm can be set to its vibrating feature that will disturb no one except the wearer, which is perfect for a fisherman trying to remain quiet. The watch is water resistant, and camouflaged to blend into the environment, making it a smart choice for hunters as well as fishermen.



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