9 Best Hiking Watches of 2018

If you are in this post, then you must be looking for the best hiking watch that matches your sense of style. Hiking has been one of the popular recreational activities all around the world. Hiking is our passion to explore nature and our strong determination to stay physically fit. All the fun, excitement and adventure involve in it will certainly draw one of the best moments of our lives.

It’s always good to have something that can assist and quantify our journey. To make an exciting expedition effective and efficient, it’s always good to have a piece of modern technology. Furthermore, when it comes to portability, what is better than having a watch with computer abilities. In this article we have selected 9 best hiking watches of 2018 that are equipped with all the features that will facilitate hikers in their expedition.

We have selected 5 watches with built-in GPS and 4 non GPS hiking watches. All our listed watches are geared with ABC (altimeter, barometer, compass) to simplify hikers to understand the surroundings and make better judgments in their journey.

Furthermore, GPS functionality in these watches is distinguished by many wearers to be precisely accurate and comfortable to use. If you want to quantify and capture each and every instant in your journey than one of these watches is must have item for your trip. Let’s go through our lists:

5 best GPS watch for hiking 2018


Hiking watch


Full Review

Garmin Fenix 3

Under $600

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Suunto Ambit3 Peak

Under $500

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Garmin Tactix

Under $300

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Sunnto Traverse

Under $400

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Garmin Epix

Under $500

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4 Best Hiking watch without the GPS of 2018


Hiking watch


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Casio Protrek PRW-6000Y

Under $ 400

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Suunto Core

Under $300

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Casio Men’s Pathfinder PAG240-1CR

Under $200

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Casio Men’s PRW-2500T

Under $300

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Best GPS Watches for Hiking of 2018

GPS hiking watches are widely used in the hiking community for the purposes of convenience, safety, and navigation. They are basically a smart watch made especially for hikers. Perhaps the most notable feature of a GPS watch is that it provides its wearer with a map, making navigation a breeze.

GPS watches also track calories, distance, and altitude; making it the perfect device to monitor progress for hikers training for a big race. Even if a hiker is not training for a race, knowing your pace allows you to make a more informed decision about where to stop and camp.

It’s never a bad idea to know exactly where you are. It may seem as though technology could take away from what hiking is supposed to be by making things like navigation much too easy, but hikers become lost in the woods every day, and many of them never find their way out. Therefore, a hiking watch with GPS can easily save a hiker’s life, which is probably the best reason to have one.

Garmin Fenix 3, Sapphire- best GPS hiking and trekking watch under $600-2018

If you are a serious hiker and willing to spend around $600 as an appreciation to this modern tech, then Garmin Fenix 3 is the best high-tech watch that you can find in the market. The fusion of stylish design packed with awesome features, this watch will compliment your professional wear.

Crafted in stainless steel, it has 1.2 inch antireflective high resolution Chroma display protected by super hard sapphire lens.  It is engineered to withstand vigorous actions that any hikers would face in their trip. Further, the combination of precisely accurate ABC sensors and GLONASS supported GPS facilitate hikers with comprehensive navigation with an intensive understanding about the surroundings.

Furthermore, with the features like advance fitness matrix, and Connect IQ, hikers can measure, share and compare their fitness data within the comfort of their wrist. With this beautiful timepiece in your hand, you can never go wrong. It is the best GPS Hiking watch in our listings.

  • GPS function paired with GLONASS and EPO
  • 100 meter water resistant
  • Anti scratch super hard Sapphire glass window
  • Rechargeable Battery: 20 hours in normal GPS mode, 50 hours in Ultra Trac mode and 6 weeks on watch mode
  • Sunlight visible Chroma display
  • Weather information through Altimeter, Barometer, Compass and thermometer automatically calibrated with GPS.
  • Auto time adjusted with GPS
  • Wi-Fi, ANT + and Bluetooth support
  • Armed with vibration alerts
  • Smartphone synchronization to show text, email, weather and other notification
  • Supports different application customized for specific activities like Hiking, Mountaineering, Trekking, Swimming, boating, climbing, running and backpacking and skiing
  • Show the status of your daily activities


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Suunto Ambit 3- best GPS hiking watch under $500-2018

Armed with magnificent features like heart rate monitoring, fitness tracker capable enough to capture your every step, advance Bluetooth connection, GPS for navigation and ABC sensors, is one of the best GPS watch for hikers under $500.

Its Sunnto Movescount app has been one of its enjoyed attributes by hikers. Further, any smartphone can download this app and virtually connect with this timepiece to create a 3D map animation movie of your expedition. The hikers also can edit or add their photographs to better personalize it.  Also, if you are hiking or mountaineering, this watch will keep you informed about your progress and safely guide you through your way.

  • Navigate and track with built in GPS
  • Bluetooth support to connect with heart rate monitor, smartphone, smart foot pod,  and biking sensors.
  • Heart rate tracking under water for triathletes and swimmers
  • 100 meter water resistant
  • The watch face is protected by mineral window
  • 3 battery saving mode: 20 hours on normal, 30 hours on 5sec GPS update & 200 hours on 60 Sec GPS update mode
  • Relay weather information through Compass, Altimeter, Barometer and Thermometer
  • Geared with tone alert
  • GPS time updates
  • Import routes in GPX format from external devices.
  • Connect wirelessly to the Sunnto Movescount app and track your complete daily activity.
  • Smartphone Synchronization for phone notifications
  • Best for hiking, trekking, Swimming, climbing, running, triathlon and other outdoor activities


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Garmin Tactix GPS- best tactical GPS watch for hiking-2018

If you are looking for a GPS watch for hiking with tactical attributes, then look no further than Garmin Tactix GPS Navigator. Crafted in stainless steel with PVD coating and protected by scratch resistant curved mineral glass lens, it is designed to withstand any rough and tough terrains.

With the innovative features like TracBack(back to starting point), its GPS is highly sensitive and easy to use. Also, its built in multi-sensor facilitate hiker with accurate information about their elevation, atmospheric pressure, sun & moon phase with an option of both audible and vibrating alerts. Its rechargeable battery charges quickly and last up to 50 hours. If your sense of style is tactical watches, don’t forget to check out  this  great collection!

Its beautiful design, fit and finish are engineered to match any physical condition with desired dress code. This watch is unquestionably the best tactical GPS watch for hiking.

  • Equipped with GPS that automatically calibrate the Altimeter, Barometer & 3-axis compass
  • Designed for rigorous military action, it has PVD coated case with a negative display and non reflective mineral dial window
  • Water resistant to 50 meters
  • Up to 5-week battery life in watch mode, 50 hours in GPS mode and 3 weeks in sensor mode.
  • Featured Jumpmaster option with three modes (HAHO, HALO, Static line) for skydivers
  • Display tide information (based on current position and cities), sunrise, sunset, moon phase for water actions
  • The wireless connectivity through ANT+ and Bluetooth making it compatible with heart rate monitor, foot pod, bike sensor and wide array of external devices
  • Suitable for Hiking, trekking, running, fishing, mountaineering, hunting, and backpacking


Sunnto Traverse: best Sunnto watch for hiking-2018

The Sunnto Traverse is a great multi-use watch. It works fantastically for hiking, but is also great for athletes. It counts calories and steps and offers 5 different sports modes to show workout data; including detailed GPS analysis.

The tracker can be linked to the Movescount app via Bluetooth or USB cable. It also allows the installation of 3 apps per sports mode, downloadable from the Movescount App Zone. It is equipped with the usual barometer, altimeter, and compass for weather warnings and navigation. The Traverse will even alarm and vibrate warnings in case there is too much noise.

The barometer and altimeter on this watch switch out automatically. When the watch detects changes in altitude, it displays the altimeter, when it is still it displays the barometer. The watch shows a sea level pressure graph based on the last 26 hours as well as the current sea level pressure. It also monitors recent weather trends and sets off an alarm when it detects a sudden drop in pressure.

The altimeter can detect altitude changes and show those changes on a graph. It also has the capability to show barometric altitude, GPS altitude or fused altitude. The watch can be connected to various devices that can be used to display watch data via a Bluetooth adapter. A heart rate monitor can also be connected to the watch, which has a battery life of 14 days.


Garmin Epix: best hiking wrist watch-2018

Created by one of the most trustworthy tech companies in the world, the Garmin Epix is a hiking a watch to be relied on. It looks reliable, with a hardy, square build and is waterproof up to 50 meters. This touch screen hiking watch comes with built in maps that are easily viewed on the wrist.

The watch has 8gb of memory, which should be plenty of room for downloading maps for any possible excursion you could want to take. Futher, maps can be downloaded from Garmin for a fairly hefty price, or they can be downloaded from free sources.

The watch also includes a 3-axis compass, that reads accurately even when standing still, as well as the usual altimeter, barometer and GPS capabilities. This watch’s battery will last for up 16 weeks, which is long enough for a really long trip, but might not be long enough to hike the Appalachian Trail without stopping for a charge.


4 Best Hiking watches without  GPS-2018

While GPS hiking watches has been the current market trend, but there are still many watch lovers who enjoy the perks of non-gps hiking watches. There might be many good reasons to buy GPS watches, but best battery life is definitely not one of them.

As we are advancing into the modern era of technology, there has been a long list of charging devices and many of us don’t want to add watch to it. The aesthetically pleasing design and features offered by traditional hiking watches is still complimented by many of us. Hence, we have selected 4 best watches that will perfectly align with hikers life style.

Casio Protrek PRW- best Casio watch for hiking and mountaineering-2018

If you are looking for a timepiece that is light weight, rugged yet aesthetically pleasing, then this is the watch that will boost your hiking enjoyment to a whole new level. Armed with Casio triple sensor (Altimeter, Barometer/ temperature, Compass) version 3 technology, you will not find any single thing to complain about it.

Before going into much detail about its ABC feature lets go through its face dial first. This   watch features 5.8 cm diameter case with only 13 mm thickness and weigh only 73 g. It is very light that you will not even know that it’s on your wrists. Also, it has Ana-digital LCD display protected by sturdy anti-reflective sapphire dial window. The perfect blend of green/ black color face and bezel; adorned with a carbon fiber band is what makes this timepiece an eye magnet.

Moving into its ABC feature, pressing the compass mode once will allow it to continuously measure the direction up to 60 seconds. While in the compass mode, the vibrant red thin second hand will point toward magnetic north to facilitate hikers to easily align the measured north with that of the maps.

In its altimeter mode, the watch will display the height in its LCD display while the second hand of the watch points the difference in altitude from the base point. Further, the display range can be changed to +/- 100 to 1000 meters. With the help of the altimeter tendency graph displayed at the left side of altimeter reading, hikers can precisely measure the height distance climbed from the last base point.

The barometer and thermometer are as well display in its easy to read LCD screen with the second hand showing the difference in atmospheric pressure in +/- 10 Pa range. With the help of the barometer tendency graph that is loaded with beeper alarm, any hikers can exactly forecast the weather and can plan accordingly.

Its other functions are not as much of significance as its above features, but we think you should know. It has multi-band atomic timekeeping, tough solar, 100m water resistant, double led light for low light conditions, countdown timer, 1/100 second stopwatch, 5 daily alarms, full auto calendar, battery level indicator and many more. For all these many features, you might be comparing it to smartwatch? However, the major difference is it will not update the data through the web but actually create its own data. Hence, in the harsh terrain far from World Wide Web, this watch will save you by leading the right way.


Suunto Core: best watch for hiking & camping-2018

This is a well designed, and budget-friendly hiking watch. Though this watch is not adorned with all the bells and whistles of other hiking watches, it features an altimeter, compass, and barometer, which is really all you need; plus, it’s easy to use.

Like the Suunto Traverse, this watch switches automatically between the barometer and the altimeter. It uses a trend graph and trend indicator to display weather information while the barometer is active. Also, the barometer measures atmospheric pressure; when the pressure suddenly drops, an alarm goes off to warn the hiker of impending bad weather.

An altimeter measures altitude from sea level and can be used together with a barometer to determine an accurate weather forecast. Unlike the Suunto Traverse, the Suunto Core does not come with GPS, which means you cannot track your speed or distance and cannot see a map. The Suunto Core has the time, alarm, dual time, sunrise and sunset time features. It takes the cake in the battery department with a battery life of up to one year, and is not compatible with any heart rate monitors.


Casio Men’s Pathfinder PAG240-1CR- best hiking watch under $200-2018

Casio is one of the market movers when we are talking about the path finding watches. Since its introducing in 1974, Casio has startled us with cutting edge technology within the affordability and is not an exception.

The triple sensor set inside the Casio Men’s Pathfinder PAG240-1CR is powered to facilitate hikers with crucial information about altimeter, barometer, temperature and direction through built in compass. The multi-functionality doesn’t stop there; it is programmed to automatically update the world time for 48 cities.

Also, this solar-powered digital watch also can set 5 alarms, stopwatch and a countdown timer.  Therefore, this amazing watch from Casio is the best hiking watch under $200 in our listings.


Casio Men’s PRW-2500T-7CR Pro Trek- best hiking watch under $300-2018

If you are a fan of traditional digital watches and don’t want to add one more item in your charging list, but looking for hiking watch, then the Casio Men’s PRW-2500T-7CR is your best bargain.

Its solar powered technology eliminates the hassle of changing the battery. Furthermore, Casio claimed that fully charged battery could last up to 5 months without the need of any power source. Its digital compass, altimeter, barometer and thermometer functionality are easy to use and read.

Furthermore, it can display moon data, tide graph, world time, auto calendar (pre-programmed until 2099) and many more functions that will aid any hikers in their journey. It’s beautifully constructed round stainless steel case adorned with aluminum bezel is brilliantly crafted to fit any wrist sizes. Priced under $300, it’s the best Casio hiking watch in our listings. Superb collection for Casio watch lovers!



Thank you very much for reading all the way through. We sincerely appreciate for considering us. We hope our article about the best hiking watches of 2018 was helpful to you. All our selected watches are best selling timepiece of 2018. We value your comments and suggestions. Please feel free to reply. Best of luck with your purchase! Shop Smart!



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