5 Best Watches for Senior Citizens

Best Watches for Senior Citizens 2017

Are you senior citizen wondering what are the watches that are particularly designed to fit the elderly lifestyle, then this is the right article for you. Many watches in today’s market are targeted to a younger generation and have failed to address most common features desired by many elderly people. Finding a right watch that can assist the complex daily routine of elderly is time consuming and confusing.

After going through hundreds of watches, we are presenting you this article on 5 best watches for seniors. These watches are particularly chosen considering the most common needs of senior citizens. These watches are the best options for all the senior citizens who have poor eyesight, hearing difficulties and who find it hard to remember their daily routine.

Furthermore, we have given special attention to desires of senior citizens while selecting these watches. All these watches are well appreciated by many senior citizens, not only in term of its great features but also its beautiful design, attractiveness, fittings and luxury. Our article will certainly help you with your buying decision.

Almeda Multi Alarm Vibrating Watch/ notch-one of the best watch under$200 for seniors-2017

Almeda Multi Alarm watch is one of the best multipurpose watches. It is designed to assist senior citizens to effectively perform their daily chores. It has 6 alarms that work as a life saving reminder for the seniors who have to manage their daily medications and time sensitive appointments.

This watch is appreciated by the people who have to take their medication every couple of hours. All the alarms are equipped with vibration and audible mode. Its vibrating mode is ideal for the senior citizens with hearing impairment.

Its white dial face displays 6 dots that provide the visual confirmation about the alarm mode and status. Since, the Almeda Multi Alarm watch is particularly designed for elderly; all the watch settings are easy to maneuver.

The Almeda Multi Alarm watch has a case diameter of 39mm and weigh roughly 2.5 ounces. Its integration of LED night light with luminous gold tone hour markers and hands makes this timepiece appealing to seniors with poor eye sights.

Furthermore, it displays both the analog and digital times. Its protective mineral window shields its mechanics. Its water resistant ability makes it perfect for daily uses. It is coalesced with brown calfskin leather which can be easily adjusted to fit any wrists. Aesthetically, Its perfect blend of white dial face with gold accent hands, markers and outer rings has stolen the hearts of many water lovers. In our listings, it’s the best watch under $200 for senior citizens.


Timex Men’s T498519J-one of the best digital watches under $50 for senior citizens-2017

Timex Men’s T498519J is the one of the best digital watches that facilitates senior citizens to balance their daily chores. This watch has three alarms programmed to set in three modes (Vibration, audible or both).

These features perfectly blend with the elderly people who have hearing impairment and periodically need to check the time for their medication or other timed stuffs. Its occasion mode is programmed to set 15 different pre-occasions.

This can be a great appointment reminder for elderly people. Its remarkable features like stop timer, split timer, 24 hour timer and water resistant comes handy to elderly people while performing their daily workouts.

Timex Men’s T498519J is great for all indoor and outdoor activities like hose watering, disk washing, swimming, trekking etc. It is programmed to display 3 time zones. It comes handy while traveling or tracking time of your love ones who resides within different time zones.

This watch has vibrant indigo light mode and big screen display, which is best for weak eyesight. With all these outstanding features, we have considered the Timex Men’s T498519J as one of the best digital watches for seniors under $50.


Timex Women’s Easy Reader T2H351- Best watch for grandmothers-2017

Timex Women’s Easy Reader T2H351 is a classy looking gold-tone women’s watch. The 27mm case diameter with 10mm case thickness used in Timex Women’s Easy Reader T2H351, is one of the most appreciated watch size for elderly women.

Its white dial face, date window at 3 o’clock with easy to read Arabic hour markers is integrated with the modern indiglo night light to facilitate superior visibility in dim lights. This outstanding feature will certainly benefit senior citizens fighting poor eye sights.

Timex Women’s Easy Reader T2H351 uses expansion band with stainless steel link. This will be appropriate for the elderly people who have a hard time fitting or adjusting the clasp prior wearing their watch. This will also facilitate the senior citizens with ease and comfort of wearing and taking off without any nuisance.

It is one of the lightest weight watch that you could find in the market. The lightness can be a big advantage of the senior citizen who likes to avoid the bulky watch weight on their wrist. All these features that are engineered in Timex Women’s Easy Reader T2H351, makes it perfect for elderly. Therefore, we have concluded Timex Women’s Easy Reader T2H351 as one of the best women watch for senior citizens.


Tissot Men’s TIST41142333 Le Locle- Best watch for senior citizens under $500-2017

Tissot Men’s TIST41142333 Le Locle is a great example of quality workmanship. It is one of the best classic looking elegant watches with traditional roman hour markers. It has the case diameter of 39mm that sheltered, beautiful silver guilloche dial with luminescent silver tone hands, date window, stainless steel case, fixed bezel and black leather strap with deployment clasp. Anti reflective, super hard sapphire window shields its watch mechanics.

Tissot Men’s TIST41142333 is the ideal watch for the senior citizens. Its numeral markers are big enough for poor eye sights. Its high standard radiant silver hands and markers make it best for low lights. Its leather band and adjust clasp are designed to fit comfortably on any wrist.

Since, Tissot Men’s TIST41142333 has used the Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic movement, the nuisance of changing a battery is history. Swiss ETA 2824-2 movement is well acknowledged for its accuracy and reliability. Tissot Men’s TIST41142333 has semi- transparent back through which you can see the ETA2824-2 movement in action. This beautiful watch with simplicity and class is one of the best watches for senior citizens under $500.


Timex Men’s Easy Reader T20041-Best watch for grandfathers-2017

Timex T20041 is another gorgeous timepiece in our list. With the case diameter of only 35mm, this timepiece is for all those elderly who admire the beauty of traditional watch size. Regardless of size, this round analog dial face watch has full sized Arabic number markers, especially designed for easy reading plus innovative bright indigo light for clear visibility in the dark.

The high contrast face dial and anti reflective mineral window come handy during sunlight. It has an adjustable leather band that can be easily adjusted as per the need. The stainless steel used in clasp is sturdy for better hold. The Timex has backed Timex Men’s Easy Reader T20041 with one year warranty. They claimed that the battery life last for about 10 years.

Many senior citizens will certainly appreciate the light weight (1.28 ounce) featured by this watch. With the market price under $50, Timex Men’s Easy Reader T20041 will certainly exceed your expectation and this is without any doubt one of the best watches for senior citizens of 2016!


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