5 Cheap and Best Watches for Nurses

Best watch for nurses 2017

First of all before moving into the article our team would like to thank all the nurses and future nurses who have and will save lives and make this world a better place to live.

If you are a nurse or nursing student and looking for cheap and best watches that perfectly fit your profession than our article about 5 cheap and the best watches for nurse and nursing student will save you time, cost and quality. We understand what a nurse or nursing student will look for at any watches. Therefore, all the watches that we have selected for you are geared with every feature that you will need to perform your job. We would like to call it nurse friendly watches.

Let us highlight some of the common features that all this watches share. They all are water-resistant, so don’t be afraid to wash your hand as many times as you want. All these watches have catchy second hand marking and easy to read display. These watches are proven sturdy to withstand any collision.

Bring it on! No more fear of watch discoloration! No more hassle of getting rid of stains! These watches can resist almost any chemicals used by nurses. The best part is that you can own one of these beautiful timepieces under $50.

Prestige Medical Braided Band- best silicone braided band watch for nurses-2017

This awesome braided band watch is one of the best selling timepiece of Prestige Medical. Prestige Medical is one of the dominant firms to specialize in developing innovative medical instruments. With the case diameter of 31.75 mm, Prestige Medical Braided Band is one of the most preferred sizes by the nurses.

Its square shape case houses, beautiful white dial face, black hour marker, radiant hands, 24 hour marker on the inner rim, 15 second indication marks in the outer ring and a clear red second hand.

The use of distinct color (red) in a second hand and blend of red &white second indication marks will facilitate nurses with comfortable vital readings. It will also significantly reduce the chances of errors. Its easy to read 24 hour markers will definitely save time and eliminate the hassle for those nurses and nursing students who faces hard time converting.

Prestige Medical Braided Band watches can resist water up 100 feet. It is precisely engineered to withstand frequent water contact. Its braided silicone band is also geared with water-resistant and are very flexible to fit any wrist. Furthermore, its case is crafted with tough stainless steel that can endure numerous hits.


Casio Women’s LRW200H-7BVCF- best multicolored watch for nurses-2017

Casio Women’s LRW200H-7BVCF is white analog timepiece that matches the nursing dress code. It featured white dial face with date positioned at 3 o’ clock, multicolor Arabic hour markers, white hands, black index minute marker, 24 hour marker and unidirectional bezel.

The Casio Women’s LRW200H-7BVCF comes with the case diameter of 33mm and case thickness of 12mm. Casio introduced this particular model in 2014. Many nurses and nursing students have appreciated the touch of multicolor in its hour marker.

Its cute look is admired by many of us and it undeniably looks better in real than in the picture. Its ticking second hand comes handy for reading vitals. It is one of the cheap and best watches that can resist water and withstand several collisions.


Prestige Medical Nurse Cyber Gel Scrub- best silicone gel watches for nurses-2017

This is another innovative and stylish watch from Prestige Medical. Prestige Medical Cyber Gel scrub watch  featured 32mm case diameter, stainless steel back, military time, silicone gel band and case covering, silver tone hour/minute hands, black second hand and fixed bezel with minute marks.

Its comfortable silicone gel band perfectly fits on the wrists. Its easy to read ticking second hand will help nurses to accurately count vitals. No hassle of converting the time while preparing the notes, its vibrant, easy to see military time will get the job in no time. It can resist the frequent hand washing and endure minor impact.

Powered by quartz movement, its battery life can last years. Prestige Medical has made this watch available in various colors for your personal preferences.


Timex Women’s T2H391- best watch for small wrists nurses-2017

Timex Women’s T2H391 is a classic looking elegant watch for nurses. Its beautiful silver stainless case and white calfskin leather band perfectly blend with nurses outfit. Its 25mm case diameter is ideal size for the nurses with small wrists. It has a white dial face with date display at 3; black Arabic hour markers, black hour/minute hands and red second hands.

Its contrasting red second hands are well appreciated by many nurses and nursing student for reading pulse and respiration rates. The mineral crystal dial window protects its inner movement mechanics. This watch can withstand splashes of water like rain and hand wash. Its full sized Arabic hour markers is integrated with innovative indiglo night-light to provide high visibility in low lights.


Best Watches for Male Nurses-2017

Seiko 5 Men’s SNZG13-best sweeping second hand watch for nurses-2017

If you’re a male nurse looking for a timepiece that covers all the bells and whistle that nursing profession challenges, including the sweeping second hand then look no further than Seiko 5 Men’s SNZG13.

Seiko 5 Men’s SNZG13 is powered by Japanese 7S36 23 jewel automatic movement. It will run up to 40 hours, even if you leave it on the dresser. It has 42 mm case diameter and is furnished with stainless steel.

The dial face features Arabic hour marking in the outer rim and military style 24-hour markers in the inner circle with date/day window at 3 0’ clock. Its most handy features for male nurses are its sweeping second hand, which has contrasting red tone for accurate and easy vitals reading.


Pulsar Men’s PX3069: Top solar powered nursing watch-2017

Pulsar PX 3069 is a military style timepiece that is furnished with expansion band and 24 hour marker. No need to size the link. Great for any wrists sizes!

It is one of the best-suited watches for male nurses. Its movement is powered by solar; hence it instantly eliminates nuisance of changing batteries. Its round shape 42m-diameter case is protected by the hardlex mineral window. It houses, beautiful black face dial with index marking on the outer circle, oversized numerals marking at central and easy to read 24 hour making in the inner rim. The use of contrasting red accent in the tip of second hand makes it easy for nurses take the vital signs.

The Pulsar PX3069 timepiece is aesthetically designed to compliment any wrists. This tough solar watch is rugged enough to withstand everyday daily uses.


Casio Men’s MQ24-9B- ridiculously low priced male nurse watch-2017

If you are a male nurse nursing student looking for watches that fits your daily routine than Casio Men’s MQ24-9B is the one for you. Priced under $20 its very affordable yet featured all the specifics that nurses demand.

After evaluating several watches, we selected Casio Men’s MQ24-9B as one of the best watches for male nurses or nursing student.

This watch featured 38mm case diameter, vibrant yellow dial face, 24-hour markers, and standard hour markers in the inner ring, date display, resin case and band, black second hand and water resistant up to 30 meters.



Thank you for reading it all the way through. We hope our post about 5 cheap and best watches for nurses and nursing students were informative. Please feel free to reply.



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