5 Best Mens Chronograph Watches under $500

With the rise of the cell phone, many have declared the wristwatch dead. That may be true for the $10 watch from the gas station, but chronograph watches will always have a place. Watches remain a fixture of men’s fashion and are one of the few accessories considered manly.

There has been a recent trend towards gaudy, over sized watches in the fashion world, but chronographs have stayed true to the classic forms. They boast more information at a glance than most other watches; a stop watch is standard, but most will also include information about the date, day of the week, specific time zones, and even offer an extra dial to allow the 12 hour watch face to function in 24 hour clock time.

Smart watches are trying to bring all of these to you in cluttered apps on a hard to navigate screens. While it may be true that there are apps for that, the 5 best mens chronograph watches under $500 all offer functionality and style packaged as one.

Invicta Men’s 0620 II Collection- one of the best men’s chronograph watch under  $200-2016

Invicta’s men’s 0620 II chronograph watch is a solid entry in the field. The 0620 model was brought onto the scene in 2011, and though more models have been released since then, there is a reason why this model continues to show up on lists like this.

It’s body and strap are made of silver-tone stainless steel, and the watch features a solid blue dial with silver accents. It is sized to a men’s standard band length with a 45 millimeter case diameter. Metal bands are a good choice for new watch collectors as they are much easier to pair with an outfit than a leather band.

The bright blue makes the watch a subtle, but bold accent piece with a darker outfit. The watch features the expected stopwatch and a calendar, It is waterproof to 330 feet, and with a scratch resistant flame fusion window, it is an excellent chronograph for an athletic wearer. Take a peek at this magnificent timepiece!

Emporio Armani Men’s AR2448- best mens chronograph under $300-2016

Armani is a brand that carries weight, and their Emporio line is focused on designs that suit a modern lifestyle. That in mind, it should be no surprise to see this watch here. The Emporio Armani Men’s AR2448 watch  is a stainless steel, men’s standard watch with a deep blue dial.

It features a scratch resistant mineral window, is shock resistant, and waterproof to 165 feet. The chronograph has stopwatches for seconds, minutes, and hours. The best word to use here is sleek.

The main watch face is made with tick marks, rather than numbers, to show the time. The timers only have a few numbers on each. The rich dark blue used on the dial makes this watch blend seamlessly into most outfits. The Emproio chronograph is a stylish, durable option. Check this beauty out!

Braun Men’s BN0095BKSLBTG- great mens Chronograph watch under $500-2016

Braun may be known more for toothpaste and beard trimmers, but they have plenty of experience in timekeeping. The Braun Men’s BN0095BKSLBTG Prestige Chronograph is designed with a distinct style and unique manufacturing process.

Each watch is cut from the same block of stainless steel. This technique completely removes the possibility of leaking, and waterproofs it up to 165 feet. The dial is black with a white face; very reminiscent of a traditional clock.

The standard bezel and calendar mean that you aren’t spending money on features that you have no need for. What you are buying is one of the most distinct chronographs in the world. Click to glance this stunning timepiece!

Ferrari Men’s 0830085- one of the top men’s chronograph under $500-2016

Ferrari’s Men’s 0830085 race day chronograph is waterproof to 50 feet. This watch didn’t earn its place on the best mens chronograph watches under 500 because it would do well at sea. Ferari called this chronograph race day, and the design reflects this philosophy.

The stainless steel band is sized to a men’s standard. The dial of the watch is black with a white and red portion that resembles a manual transmission. The watch has the expected timers and a calendar, but one unique feature is a tachymeter so you can find the speed of that car that just blazed past.

If you are someone who prefers a day at the races to a day at the beach, Ferrari’s Race Day is a clear winner. Take a peek at this powerful time machine!

Citizen Men’s AT4007-54E- one of the excellent men’s chronograph under $500-2016

When it comes to the best men’s chronograph watches under 500, it would be a crime not to include some of the budget options by Citizen. The Citizen Men’s AT4007-54E Perpetual Chrono is a black steel watch with a black dial and white face.

Blue accents on the buttons give the chronograph a bit of flair. What really sets this watch apart are its accuracy and durability. With Eco drive and radio controls, the Perpetual Chrono will never be more than 1 second from accurate.

It is scratch resistant, glare resistant, and waterproof down to 666 feet. It also boasts the most in depth calendar on this list. There is virtually nowhere this chronograph can’t go, and no outfit it can’t fit right into. Check this eye magnet out!


The complexity derived through high workmanship makes each and every chronograph a superb time machine.  This aesthetic art has been the men’s favorite since the beginning and we are pretty sure it always will be. We hope our article about the 5 best men’s chronograph under $500 was purposeful to you. All these selected chronograph watches are the best seller. If you have any queries please feel free to respond. Good luck with your purchase! Shop smart!



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