5 Best Designer Watches For Men

Designer watches really add a lot to a person’s appearance and style. These watches are also of very high quality. Having a high quality watch has a lot of benefits. High quality watches are more likely to last for a longer period of time. They are also less likely to require frequent repairs. Designer watches do cost a lot more, but it is possible to get ones that are well worth the money.

There are a variety of different types of designer watches. Some designer watch brands are made by companies that make other sorts of items. However, there are also some companies that strictly focus on making watches.

However, in this article we have presented 5 best designer watches for men. These watches are of high quality, and they are likely to last for a very long period of time. They also look very stylish. All in all, they will really add a lot to any man’s  appearance and style.

Michael Kors Gage Chronograph- best affordable designer watch under $200-2016

One exquisite designer watch is the Michael Kors Gage Chronograph Watch. This watch has a brown leather wristband that looks quite stylish. The watch hands are white on a silver metallic background. The face of the watch also says “Michael Kors” on it. This watch is also rated as waterproof to 10 ATM. This corresponds to a depth of around 300 feet.

This watch has a certain classic appeal. It is not too flashy, but it certainly looks quite stylish. It also is a great watch for someone who is into aquatic activities. The depth rating quite thoroughly mitigates the risk of water damage. Even most scuba divers typically would not ordinarily go to a depth that could ruin the watch! Take a look at this beauty!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Men’s MBM5063- Great designer watch for men under $300-2016

The Marc Jacobs Men’s MBM5063 Fergus Stainless Steel Watch with a link bracelet is a very stylish looking watch. It is a quite different style than the Michael Kors Gage Chronograph Watch. It does not have as much of the “classic” look, in our opinion. It is a bit more “modern” looking with its stainless steel strap.

This watch certainly has some interesting features. It tells a bit more than just the time. It has a window that shows the wearer the date! It also is watch with quartz crystal. The dials are also made of a crystal material. This watch is also water resistant, but not as water resistant as the Michael Kors watch. Of course, this isn’t going to be an issue unless you plan to go on a scuba diving expedition.

The watch is water resistant to an incredible depth of 165 feet! That’s around 20 times the depths of a lot of pools. Check this stylish timepiece out!

Burberry City Sport Swiss Analog Quartz BU9808- Best designer watch that cost $600 for men- 2016

The Burberry City Sport Swiss quartz blue rubber strap watch is a bit of a different type of style than any of the other three watches. Instead of having a stainless steel for a strap or leather for a strap, it’s strap is a blue rubber material. The style of this watch is a bit different, but it is also a very high quality watch. It is swiss made and uses a quartz crystal to keep the time.

It looks stylish enough to impress people, and the blue is certainly eye catching. This watch is great for anyone who wants to showcase their high quality timepiece. The blue color of the strap makes it very unique. It’s likely to be a real conversation starter. Take a peek at this fashion forward watch!

Gucci SYNC XXL YA137101 – one of the best designer watch under $500 for men-2016

The Gucci Sync XXL ya137101 stainless steel watch with a black rubber bracelet is made by a well known high quality clothing line, Gucci. This watch is very modern looking. In fact, according to many people, it may even look a bit futuristic. However, it has a fairly basic looking design. The watch uses quartz to keep the time, and it is known for accuracy. The watch is also water resistant to a depth of 165 feet. The watch face is made of stainless steel, but the strap of the watch is rubber.

All in all, this is good for someone who wants to have a somewhat modern, futuristic style. It is great for anyone who is a fan of the Gucci name. Of course, it also is a very durable and accurate timepiece. This is considered to be one of the best designer watches for mens. Click to see this astounding timepiece!

Emporio Armani  AR5860- Another best designer watch for men under $300-2016

The final watch on the list is the Emporio Armani Blue Dial Chronograph Mens Watch AR5860. This watch has a blue watch face. The watch also uses quartz to keep the time. It is considered water resistant to 165 feet. The strap of this watch is made of stainless steel. On the watch face, it has the logo of the company and it says Emporio Armani. It has mineral crystal watch handles. The watch can either be US made or imported from elsewhere.

This watch is also considered to be one of the best designer watches for mens. It has a somewhat classic look. However, it also does look fairly modern. This watch is great for anyone who wants to have a classy style that is a mix between modern and classic. The blue watch face is also quite eye catching. Take a look at this eye magnet!


We hope you enjoyed our article about the 5 best designer watches for men. All these selected watches are the best seller of their respective brand. They are really stylish and will signify about your impressive taste. If you have a timepiece from such fashion forwarded brands, then you could expect it to compliment your wrist. This eye-magnet time keeper is worth every penny and definitely give you the best bounce for your ounce. Thank you for reading all the way through. If you think this article deserve sharing then you know what is the right thing to do. If you have any comments, please respond. Good luck with your purchase! Shop Smart!



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