5 Cheap and Best Watch Winders

Cheap and Best Watch Winders 2018

Are you looking for cheap and best watch winders? The luxurious mechanical watch prices are like biting a bullet, but the compelling craftsmanship and complex engineering that goes in these watches makes it appealing investment for many watch lovers. Watch enthusiasts prefer to get joy and pride every time they turn their wrist for the time. Collection of this magnificent art has been the passion of addiction for many of us.

Like any other asset you should take preventive measures to protect your investment. If you think watch winder is the waste of money than reading our post about the 5 cheap and best watch winders will convey some intriguing facts that you may have ignored.

If you have more than one automatic watch or if you have to set your watch-setting every time prior wearing it than the watch winder is your basic requirement rather than a luxury need. Because, we are pretty certain that you have to go through a series of painful watch setting every time you swap /wear your watch. Critically, every time you pull that crown, it’s going to reduce the lifespan of your watch mechanics.

Every time you pull the crown there is going to be a diminutive impact in the watch, but over a course of time this wear and tear will add up and certainly decrease the life of your valuable watch. To avert such high risk and hassle of expensive overhaul, you should consider buying the watch winders.

To clear your notion of expensive watch winders, we have concluded 5 of the industry’s best for affordable price. You can choose the one that fits your budget. And check these blog posts out to help yourself if you haven’t bought a watch yet.

Chiyoda Single – Decent budget watch winder that costs under $100-2018- OUR PERSONAL FAVORITE

Chiyoda Single is one of the best affordable yet is very attractive. This winder comes in a handmade high quality wooden box. Chiyoda single is powered by Mabuchi motor winding movement. The Mabuchi Motor winding movement use rotating principle to wind the watch.

This Winder winds in clockwise, counter clockwise and both. This winder is programmed to operate in four different settings depending upon the individual inclination. The TPD ranges from 1440 to 5760.

Chiyoda single runs on two AA batteries or via an adapter. The beautiful design and extremely quiet running feature has been the underlining factor in buying the Chiyoda Single Watch Winder.

The winder is experienced by many to work precisely for years. Chiyoda Single Watch Winder is the best single watch winder under $100 in our listing of Best 5 watch winders. These are great options for starter watches like Invicta, Hamilton etc. And we highly recommend you get this without any skepticism.


Wolf 4560-02 Viceroy Collection Module 2.7 Single- One of the best watch winder under $200-2018

It is designed with premium calfskin stitched leather. It comes in a rectangular box and weights around 8 pounds. Many watch winder fails to fit big and thick watches, but the Wolf Design Module 2.7

Single is designed to easily accommodate any watch size. The Wolf Design Module 2.7 Single is geared with cover and lock for the safety reasons.The winder rotates incrementally from 300 to 1200 Turns per day (TPD) and has built in LCD Backlit display, which powers on when control knob or chrome plate are touched.

The remaining rotations in daily cycle are displayed through the LCD screen. It can operate clockwise (CW), counterclockwise (CCW) or bi-directional. It can be powered by 2 D-Cell batteries or via an adapter.

Many owners have appreciated its virtually quiet operational superiority. According to our sources, it has been the winder of choice for Omega, Tag Heuer, and Rolex owner. The Wolf Design Module 2.7 Single Watch Winder is the best watch winder Under $200 in our listings.


Orbita Sparta W05521 – Top watch winder under $300-2018

Orbita is the world’s largest supplier of luxury watch winders. It is the world most recommended product by the dealers all around the globe. Orbita Sparta W05521 is a beauty powered by cutting edge rotorwind winding movement.

Unlike other rotating watch winder movement, the Rotorwind winding movement actually swings the watches just like as it is being worn on the wrist.

The built in microprocessor activates the servo motor causing the watch to oscillate in every 10 to 15 minutes throughout the day. The device is programmed to oscillate in two winding cycles (10 minute or 15 minutes).

Since, the servo motor is powered only in the first swinging in each cycle, then after all the succeeding oscillations are powered by gravity; The Orbita Sparta W05221 is very battery efficient. Its battery life is estimated to go years without replacement. The battery replacement cost is somewhere around $50.

Some of us might say it is not attractive looking, but mechanically it does the best job. As the winding technology duplicates the natural hand flow motion, The Orbita Sparta W05221 is one of the best watch friendly winder on the market.

Acknowledging all the great features, The Orbita Sparta W05221 is one of the best watch winder under $300. This is one of the top winder for Omega, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Breitling, IWC and other luxury watches.


Versa G077 Automatic Single Watch Winder- Cheap & Best Watch Winder under $50-2018

Versa G077 is assembled in a beautiful black case with plastic cover. It has an LED light indicator that displays a blue light while the device is running. G077’s pillow case is designed to fit small and big watches.

The winding motor rotates clockwise (CW), counterclockwise (CCW) and bi-directional. For ease and convenience, it is programmed with four different winding settings (342, 864, 1080 and 2160TPD.

For accurate winding, the winder is programmed to repeat the cycle of few minutes winding followed by brief pauses. Depending upon the setting mode, G077 can turn from 342-2160 Turns per day (TPD) and can operate with extremely low noise. Of all the features that it has to offer, we have concluded Versa Automatic Single Watch Winder as the west winder under $50.


Versa G015 Automatic (Double)- Another budget watch winder-2018

Versa G015 Automatic is perfect for you if you have more than one automatic watch. This double winder operates in all directions, clockwise, counter clockwise and bi-directional. It can hold any type of watches. Like the Versa G077, both the winder in G015 is programmed to wind in 342, 864, 1080 and 21060 TPD modes.

The Versa Automatic Double Watch Winder is backed with one year factory warranty. Even with the double winder, it weights roughly 3 pounds. The winders run in a dead silent mode and avoid the grinding sounds that most winder under this price range would normally have.

It has repeating cycle of winding and pause for efficient winding. This is one of the best double watch winder under $100 in our listings.



Thanking for reading our post about the 5 cheap and best watch winders. Please feel free to reply. All your suggestions, comments and views will be sincerely appreciated.



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