5 Best Watches for Surfing

Welcome to our article about the best watches for surfing! Surfing watch is an important tool for surfing enthusiasts for the reason of having a reliable and durable tool that will remain intact for however long you are riding waves. Over the past ten years, the surfing industry has grown to be one of the top sports on the coasts.

With this in mind, a surfing watch is one of the most valuable items to have while surfing for being safe yet at the same time enjoying the magnificent waves. A durable surfing watch is important because the design is made to withstand harsh waves as well as the salt water that can kill any other electronic device.

Best surfing watches are must have item for all the surfers who wants to quantify their surfing skills. Surfing watches are especially useful when logging workouts. Through the GPS of a surfing watch, the owner can easily initiate the GPS with a signal and begin the workout without having to do anything else.

The data that is collected can tell the surfer how many waves they caught, the surfer’s maximum speed, the duration of that particular session, as well as the distance that has been covered. In our article about the 5 best watches for surfing, we have listed the timepieces that are specifically designed to meet the surfers’ needs.

Vestal Men’s BRG024- best surfing watch under $100-2017

This imported watch is one of the best watches for surfing. The Vestal Men’s BRG024 watch has been made with the standard of being durable on the surfer’s wrist during their surfing session. This watch has a unibody construction with a screw-down stainless steel case back.

The special “Brig” watch offers state of the art features such as a train mode, a heat mode, an alarm mode, a future tide mode, as well as a customizable beach setting. This water resistant watch is suitable for anything such as snorkeling, swimming, and of course surfing. Offered in varieties of colors, this watch is backed by a lifetime warranty. Priced under $100, this is one of the great surfing watch within affordability.


Rip Curl Men’s A1015-MID- Great Surfing watch under $150-2017

Designed with utmost precision and premium standard, the Rip Curl Men’s A1015 watch is an excellent surfing data collector. This imported watch is a tonneau-shaped watch that includes a perforated band, a square dial window, as well as logo details. What the Oceansearch watch entails is the ability to track tide changes on over 200 beaches.

This comfortable and edgy new wristwatch facilitates easy reading display for every usage. Other features of this device include a dual time display, a countdown timer, a moon phase feature, as well as a stopwatch and alarm feature.

This watch can go as low as 330 ft under water, which makes this device perfect for snorkeling and swimming as well. This beautiful watch can be bought under $150.


Nixon Supertide- top surfing watch under $200-2017

The Nixon Supertide A3161611 watch is both waterproof and the perfect accessory to have on hand when requiring excellent data collection. Just imagine starting the surfing session and never having to worry about the watch.

With being able to reach the depth of over 300 ft below the surface, this exciting gadget will never break. Special features that are included with this watch include being able to tell the surf tide, being digital, having a featured timer, and being waterproof.

One of the best features of this watch is that it can sync up with the movement of the ocean to tell the surfer when to go. When needing a durable watch to wear during a surfing session, this is the watch to use. Weighing only 2 ounces, this is the best watch for surfing that can be brought under $200.


Rip Curl Men’s A1088- best surfing watch under $300-2017

This awesome stainless steel watch is a water resistant device that can go as low as 600 ft below sea level, making this watch perfect for not on surfing but also perfect for recreational scuba diving.

The features on Rip Curl Men’s A1088 watch are extensive which include a buckle closure, world time function, pre-set tidal information, and about 500 world locations that have been embedded in the watch. With this watch, a surfer is able to track their surfing while registering both their speed and their distance.

This watch made by Rip Curl also includes an auto set that informs the surfers of the best wind and tide directions. Buying this watch is same like receiving an internal compass in addition to a calculated sunrise and sunset feature.


Rip Curl Unisex A1111- best surfing watch under $500-2017

The Rip Curl Unisex A1111  water resistant watch can go as low as 300 feet under water, making it an ideal watch for snorkeling and swimming. The notable features of this square watch include the moon phase feature as well as a silicone band with a buckle closure.

With a GPS signal, the user can collect any data they want with the push of a button. Why, this watch is the best watch for surfing is the fact that a user can get up to 10-hours of GPS time as well as the fact that the watch has an auto set of over 1,360 locations.


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All our listed watches are the best selling watches in their respective price range. Many professional surfers have appreciated these watches’ features including its fit, finish and design. We hope our article about the 5 best watches for surfing was helpful to you. We sincerely appreciate your time and consideration. Thank you! And please! Please! Feel free to respond. Good luck with your purchase! Shop Smart!



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