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Best g shock watch 2017

G-Shock watches are a popular brand of tough; military inspired watch that features a host of functions. Casio unveiled this series of watches some few decades ago. The G-Shock watches are built to resist everyday wear and use by delivering high endurance and strength along with comfort and style.

These watches are designed to work perfectly for everyone, whether you are a military paratrooper, policeman, athlete, scuba diver or a hunter. Some of the irresistible standard features on G-Shock watches include the Quartz movement mechanism, Resin cases and bands, mineral crystal window and a 200 meter water resistance and 10 meter shock endurance. The other standard feature includes auto-calendar, solar-powered rechargeable battery and LED backlight.

High-end series of G-Shock watches such as the Master of G series have advanced features like environmental sensors, which constitutes thermometer, barometer, compass and altimeter. The differences in the various G-Shock watches are only evident in properties such as weight, type of display, diameter and features.

Best G-Shock watch for military/ army-2017

Before going through our list we would like to show our deepest appreciation for your services and making this place safe and great place to live and raise our family. We understand that whether you are US army, Marine, Navy or Air force, you have a certain code of conduct when it comes to wearing jewelry. All our listed watches meet the regulation. Of course, all G-Shock watches are shock and water resistance, but how about the functionality that meet army life style? With so many G-Shock line, what is the best G-Shock watch for military use? After going through a wide array of selection we have concluded the following three are the best value G-Shock for the money.

Casio G-Shock Military Men’s Watch GD100

If you are looking for military style G-Shock that doesn’t break your bank then, look no further than Casio GD100. Priced under $100, Casio GD100 is well designed to withstand any military rigorous activities.

Its 5.1 case diameter houses stunning negative display that is stealth and large enough for easy reading. Its double buckle with metal clasp is designed to sit comfortably in your wrists. The awesome hollow structure that actually floats the module to prevent it from shock can resist up to 10 meters free dropping. Even the watch has a large dial face; its perfect artistic design makes it great for small wrists.

This quartz-powered watch has whopping 7 year battery life. Packed with multi functionality its super illuminated auto led backlight is one of the commendable features that this watch offers. Further, the lighting time can be adjusted to 1.5 to 3 seconds. Its multi time features (4 different cities or country) come handy to all the military service men, especially when they are away from home or deployed. With the world time for 31 time zones, including daylight saving mode, it sure is great for travel.

Its flash alert buzzer works great as a reminder. With all great many functionality like 5 independent alarms, timer, stop time, 24-hour time, pre-programmed calendar until the year 2099, Casio G-Shock GD100 will definitely steal your heart.


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Casio Men’s GR8900A

If you are looking for military inspired G-Shock to the gift someone may be your friend, husband or son who is in the army, then this watch might be your best bet. Its inverted display with solid black face and resign black band is loaded with functionality that covers all the bells and whistle challenged by the military lifestyle.

Powered by the solar, it instantly eliminates the nuisance of changing the battery. Further, it can run up to 12 months on full charge without further exposure to light. Its case features easy to read LCD display blend with auto, Led backlights with adjustable features. Geared with power saving mode with full size battery indicator increases the efficiency of battery life.

It can endure up to 10 meters dropping and resist water up to 200m. It is programmed with world time for 31 zones, including 48 cities. Its features like countdown timer, stopwatch, 5 independent alarm including snooze alarm makes this watch great for everyday training for the men in the military service.


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Casio G-Shock GW9400

The Casio Rangeman from its Master of G series is the best rugged and durable timepiece that is engineered to endure the brutal and unimaginable conditions. When it comes to Rangeman that is specifically tailored for military lifestyle then look no further than GW9400.

Its beautiful fusion of green case and green band with large negative display compliments army dress code. The use of three aluminum buttons on the left side of the watch gives it masculine and solid appearance.

It is armed with triple sensor, which is capable of measuring altimeter from 700 to 10,000 m with manual memory measurement up to 40 records. Its ABC sensor, includes barometer that can precisely measure atmospheric pressure allowing you to forecast the weather from the tip of your fingertip. Its digital compass sensor with bearing memory up to 40 records comes handy to lead your way in unfamiliar terrain. Last but not the least, its thermometer sensor can display the temperature from 14 to 140 Fahrenheit.

To make thing even easier and user friendly, every ABC sensor mode has its own audible tone, which distinguishes even without looking. Powered by multi band atomic time keeping it receives the radio signal up to 6 times per day to keep your time as accurate as it gets. It is shock, water and also mud resistant.

It displays sunrise and sunset time for any specific date with complete accuracy. Its other useful function like world time, countdown timer, alarm, and tough solar battery makes this watch even more compelling to get your hands on.


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Best Casio G-Shock watch for multipurpose-2017

Every G-Shock is packed with multi features that come handy to get our daily activities around. However, Casio has tailored each G-Shock with that added feature which is appealing to specific professional community, age group, or to perform certain activities. With so many lines of G-Shock it is confusing and time consuming to find a right G-Shock that is tailored to match our lifestyle. Hence, after going through a wide array of selection, we have categories following G-Shock as per their best usage to match the particular lifestyle.

Casio Men’s GW-9400: best G-Shock Rangeman under $200 for rescue crews and rangers -2017

The GW-9400-1CR is undoubtedly one of the toughest and best G Shock watches. This durable and waterproof RANGEMAN watch is the latest in the Master G series of Casio watches that are tough and rugged ready.

The watch is ideal for use in kinds of environment and activities. The outstanding features include; shock resistant, tough solar, Multi-Band 6 atomic timekeeping and Triple Sensor package.

For easy usability, the watch features sunrise and sunset data and One-touch elapsed time measurement feature and time recording. The watch also features a black resin band and an array of red accents on the dial and sides that adds to its styling appeal. This watch is especially popular with rescue crews and rangers who often work in tough environments.


Casio Men’s GW7900B: best G-Shock under $150 for boating-2017

This highly sophisticated and sporty men’s watch features an array of business and athletic features. The case and bezel are made from a sturdy black Resin material that gives the watch a great look and smooth feel.

The five sub dials available on the watch are for pointing time, date and tide charts, which boating enthusiast will find highly alluring. This watch also features easy to push buttons and an EL backlight that will help you see your time anywhere.

The other outstanding features include the Shock-Resistance technology and water resistance capabilities, which give it the strength to withstand water depths of up to 200 meters or 660 ft.


Casio Men’s GA110: best G-Shock under $100 for water action-2017

This men’s analog and digital watch are stunningly impressive; the watch features industrial style display and dial. Some of the remarkable features include water resistance ability, digital display and shock resistant material made using a material that constitutes copper tones.

The water resistance qualities make this watch highly ideal for professional marine activities and various water sports. The other outstanding features include LED lighting, double-prong buckle, daily alerts, world time, alarm, countdown and stopwatch features.


Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GWG- best looking G-Shock watch-2017

This superb watch is commonly referred to as the “Mud Master” because it is specially built to resist harsh environments and mud to ensure all-round operation. This multi-purpose round watch has a case diameter of 5.6 centimeters and a case thickness of 18 millimeters.

Some of the special features include the Triple G Resist reinforce construction designed to overcome vibrations, shocks and centrifugal force and the Triple Sensor feature, encompassing a compass bearing, temperature and atmospheric pressure measuring unit.

The design also features multi band atomic timekeeping and has the radio controlled wave ceptor that receives the signal and automatically set the time. Its blend of analog and digital face dial with the vibrant black background and use of gold accent is aesthetically pleasing to many watch enthusiasts. This watch clearly demonstrates the artistic beauty embedded with modern technological superiority. This G-Shock watch is often preferred by free-flying pilots and sea men working on the rough seas.


G-Shock GWF1000 Frogman: best G-Shock watch for diving- 2017

This series of tough digital watch is durable and waterproof, making it ideal for use in a tough environment. Following the theme of un-breakability which forms the basis of the best G Shock watches; the G-Shock GWF1000 Frogman series features Tripe 10 design concept that makes it possible to withstand a 10 meter free fall.

The blend of ISO 6425 certification for 200m water resistance and pre equipped dive time and surface interval measurement function makes this watch perfect for professional scuba divers. The multi band atomic timekeeping delivers the accurate time through daily frequent update.

The moon data display and tide graph comes handy for sea adventures. Its full auto EL backlight is bright enough to read the time and data in both land and under water. The case diameter is 50 millimeters while the thickness of the watch is 18 millimeters. Its other standard function includes tough solar power with power saving functions, world time, alarms, and perpetual auto calendar.


Casio GBA400: best G-Shock watch for teenager- 2017

Every teen spends lots of their time either doing outdoor activities or computing or playing video games. There is no doubt that technology has been guiding and shaping our life style. Hence, with the mindset of finding a G-Shock that is fueled with technological superiority and also is rugged and durable to withstand grueling adventurous activities, we came to conclude the G Shock GBA400 is the right choice for the teenagers.

Casio GBA400 is a part of GMIX series that features Bluetooth capabilities. It is compatible with almost every smart device. With G-Shock plus app, which you can be downloaded via app store or Google play, the watch can be easily synchronized with your smart devices.

Some of the remarkable features of the G-Shock plus app are GMIX, watch setting and alert setting. GMIX let watch to control your smart devices’ music. With the use of watch setting you can control the features like world time, alarm, countdown timer and send it your watch for synchronization eliminating the lengthy nuisance of pressing button. In times when you misplace your phone, the alert setting features let you find your phone via audible signal.

The watch has a gold metallic face featuring negative analog digital display. It has black premium plastic button on each side. It features module 5413. It has a glossy black resin band with double clasp. It has 10-meter shock endurance and 200 m water resistant. For a smart watch, it has staggering 2 year battery life. With so many features allied with outstanding Bluetooth capabilities, it is the most have item for tech savvy fashion forwarded teenagers.



Thank you! for taking time and reading all the way through. We hope our article about the best G-Shock watches was helpful to make your purchase decision. At the end it all comes down to your budget that you are willing to spend. It doesn’t matter how much you are trying to spend, Casio got you covered by mastering the art of watch making and offering best value G Shock in almost every price range. Good luck with your purchase! Shop Smart!



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