6 Best Pilot Watches for the Money


Best pilot watch 2017

For those who have chosen a pilot career path or hobby, a top quality the Best pilot watches are a necessity. A pilot’s watch is specially tailored to fit each individual. There are different types of pilot timepieces that one can buy starting with the manual or the automatic winding. There are navigation watches which are useful to help calculate positions and there are even that can help calculate the flight difference. Not only do the best pilot time machines have a function to them, they are also incredibly stylish handmade masterpieces.

Pilot watches have been a mark of style for the past 100 years when the first pilot watch was produced in 1904. Pilot watches did not start becoming a necessity until World War II when pilots became more involved in the war and the need for navigation was vital. Chronographs for a pilot are like shoes for a landlubber, they should always be on or accessible. Pilot watches for pilots are not only an accessory, but they are also necessary in case of an emergency.

The fact that navigation is included on the best pilot watches can help any pilot who is in danger or has lost navigation on their plane. Because of its versatility and eye catching design, not only the pilots, but other professionals are also admiring its beauty. In this article about the 6 best pilot watches for the money, we will go over the best proclaimed watches of all times.

AVI-8 Men’s AV-4015-04 “Hawker Hurricane”- best pilot watch under $200-2017

What this pilot watch is is the definition of quality. With a leather band and a flawless Japanese quartz display, this timepiece is flawless. With a 2-year warranty, this will serve as an excellent co-pilot for any trip. Notable features of this watch include the stainless steel, the excellent quality brown leather, and the chronograph.

This watch’s notable function includes the chronograph, the ability to have the date, as well as features including telling the hour, the minute, and the second. With a buckle clasp and an analogue dial type, this time teller is not only stylish but is also functional.


Laco/1925 Men’s 861806 “Pilot Classic”- top pilot watch costing less than $300-2017

This beautifully crafted Swiss-quartz watch is the perfect accessory for a pilot. The leather that is used as the band is a classic style that was used back in World War II. This German made watch is made by a company that has been crafting pilot watches for the past 80 years.

The high grade casing and crystal backs make this timepiece truly a replica of what the members of the air force would wear back in World War II. The cool features about this is that it is visible at night due to the fact that the lume if charged when exposed to the sun.


Garmin D2 Pilot Watch-best watch for the pilots that cost under $500-2017

This top of the line pilot watch has so many usable and neat features. One of the most interesting features is the button that directs the watch owner to a worldwide airport database. In addition to this, there is an altimeter with adjustable settings in addition to a compass. Some of the emerging features include a slight vibration of the watch as for in task flight reminders.

This cool piece even receives flight plans. This durable watch not only has legible large numbers to tell the time, but also has a battery life of up to 5 weeks when it is set in watch mode.


Messerschmitt Fliegeruhr Watch with Aviator Leather Strap ME108-42B- best pilot watch for the money-2017

This is the perfect aviator’s watch due to the stylish features with the Swiss made Quartz on the display. At night time, it is able to be seen due to the watch’s treatment with SuperLuminova. The watch will have a green hue to it.

The stainless steel material makes this a durable that is ready for anything, whether it be in the water or in the air. The sizable numbers on the face and the easily read numbers, make this accessible in the tightest situations.


Alpina Startimer AL372B4FBS6- best pilot chronograph watch for under 1000 bucks- 2017

This timepiece is the highest quality with the Arabic numerals and the analogue dial type. This sub dials on this beautifully handcrafted watch are in the 30 second, the 30 minutes, and at the 1/10th of a second. The tang clasp of this chronograph is the perfect touch to this stainless steel watch.

Functions of this time teller include the chronograph, the date, the hour, the minute, and the second. The display of the date is located at the 6 o’clock position.


Hamilton Pilot- top automatic pilot watch under $1000-2017

Well, this is no surprise that a watch by legendary Hamilton will make this list. Powered by ETA 2834-2 automatic swiss movement, this time machine instantly eliminates the hassle of changing batteries. With beautifully polished silver stainless steel case and bracelet, this watch will compliment any wrists.

Featured in the  black dial face with uniquely position day and date display, this watch resemblance luxury within affordability. Its 42 mm case wide is one of the most preferred men wrist size. With this eye magnet in your wrist, get prepared to get many compliments. 



Thank for taking time and considering us. We hope you enjoyed reading our article about the 6 best pilot watches for the money. All our selected time machines are the best seller and are well regarded by many of us, for its style, fit, finish and movement. Good luck with your purchase! Shop Smart!



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